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    Registration and Papers

Our Congress entitled GRAPHIC HORIZONS will have the thematic lines that we list below:

1.- Knowing

Production of knowledge in graphic expression in relation to the project and/or architectural fact.

Heritage, history and architectural dissemination.

The project and the architectural fact from different perspectives: Tradition, trends and utopias.

2.- Thinking

From thought to the creative process.

Interrelation between thought and graphic activity. Reverie, stroke and gesture.

The model and the prototype as a source to generate and evolve ideas.

3.- Analyzing

Graphic analysis and geometric structure as regulatory support.

The use of representation systems for the analysis and study of architecture.

Architectural Theory and Graphic Representation: Historical Evolution.

Place, territory and landscape. Habitat.

4.- Drawing

Drawing as a means of communication. Sketches, , architectural drawing.

Evolution and influence of representation systems in architecture.

5.- Making

Tools and means to materialize ideas and projects.

Digital graphic tools.

Automated graphic processes. Maker Culture as an extension of Do It Yourself. FabLabs. Robotics and 3D printing.

Disruptive technologies and innovation.

Artificial intelligence. Scripting. Machine learning. Big Data. Data visualization. BIM and H-BIM.

6.- Teaching

Teaching of architectural graphic expression.

Architectural graphic communication. Open lines in the communication of architectural ideas.

Methodologies and implementation.

Between academic tradition and innovation. Evolution and trends.

The teaching and learning process.